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Excerpt from the StarLust™ Book
Foreword by Paul Shaffer,

Late Show with David Letterman

Show business is everything that you’ve always heard it to be—all the fluff, the fantasies, and even the hard falls into oblivion. I’ve been in the entertainment industry a long time, from Broadway and television to music and movies. I’ve worked in TV since 1975 and have spent the last 26 years with David Letterman. Through it all, I’ve watched talent come and go, the starlets and “one-hit wonders.” I’ve witnessed something even more remarkable, however, something that isn’t usually discussed in the trade papers and tabloids because it’s too hard to pin down exactly when it happens, too difficult to paint in the garish colors the media uses to sell celebrity.

It’s almost impossible to put what I’m talking about into one neatly packaged phrase, but if I had to, I would call it the cycle of celebrity. And it goes something like this: there are many talented people in this world, but certain: some people have talent, some have longevity, and some have both. Jesse Cutler on stage with Paul Shaffer, bandleader of the Late Show with David Letterman

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Jesse belongs in the latter camp. He seems to have that knack for reinventing and repackaging himself, for coming up with something innovative. He’s incredibly talented and a fantastically unique musician, but as you’ll find out from this book, he’s also definitely experienced all of show business, the highs, the lows, the lies, and the joys.

While his book is an autobiography, if you read closely, you’ll find that it is also a cautionary tale about what it is like to be a celebrity. It gives you an idea of what you may run into emotionally, financially, psychologically, and spiritually. Being a “star” affects all the dynamics of life, and Jesse takes you through all of it by sharing his own experiences.

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Advance Praise

Stephen Schwartz
I was fascinated to read Jesse Cutler’s description of his experiences with Godspell. While Jesse describes moments where he feels he was arrogant or where he missed opportunities, I always found working with him a terrific experience. To me, his creativity, enthusiasm, and unique style of guitar playing greatly enhanced the arrangements of the score and helped to define a particular kind of “pop Broadway” style. It amazes me to read what was going on in his head and heart at the time of Godspell, but that’s part of what makes this book so interesting.

Stephen Schwartz
Academy Award-winning Composer
New York, NY

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